The new Pokemon games will be released on November 16th. New release Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Letees Go, Eevee! we have received a lot of new details about us.


Pokemon: Let Piks Go, Pikachu! and Letees Go, Eevee! New details about!

Nintendo, GO park in the new Pokemon game, candy system pokemon battles and found a few new details about the details.

For those who have question marks on how new Pokemon can be captured with Nintendo Switch, Nintendo said you can capture Pokemon using a bluetooth connection.

If you can get 25 pokemona of the same kind in GO Park, a new mini-game will be opened for you to win Candy. If you successfully complete the mini-game, you can further strengthen your Pokemon with these Candies and strengthen some of their features. Different types of Candy will provide different talent developments.



There are several ways to get candies. These include transferring Pokemon to Professor Oak, completing games in the GO Park complex, or poking your Pokemon on the Poke Ball Plus.

The only way to strengthen your Pokemon is of course not just Candy. As long as you win the battles, your Pokemon will continue to grow.



As you can imagine in the game, there are legendary Pokemon. These Pokemon are much more powerful, rare and harder Pokemon than others. But you won’t catch these Pokemon like other Pokemon, you have to beat them first to get it.

The game will take place on the 16th of November for all Nintendo Switch owners.


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