Montreal-based Motive’s remake of Dead Space will arrive in “early 2023,” according to a recent livestream from the studio.

The Electronic Arts studio also detailed how it’s improving original Dead Space‘s already excellent audio, including the noise Isaac Clarke’s Plasma Cutter makes, and other notable features like his breathing and heart rate.

Interestingly, Clarke’s dialogue will shift based on how tired the character is through a new ‘Intelligent Dialogue’ system that features three variations: ‘Normal,’ ‘Fatigued’ and ‘Injured.’

The remake of 2008’s Dead Space was announced last July. The survival horror title is regarded widely as one of the best entries in the genre. It focuses on Clarke’s fight to stay alive onboard a mysteriously empty mining starship called the USG Ishimura.

Though I played Dead Space on the Xbox 360 back when it was first released, I remember very little about the title beyond its absolutely terrifying enemies and spooky spaceship atmosphere and the fact that I really enjoyed it, so I’m looking forward to diving into this remake.

The Dead Space remake is set to come to Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5 and PC.

Image credit: EA

Via: IGN


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