Pokemon GO

Credit: Niantic

Update: It was still down when I went to bed, but everything is back up and running as of the morning of December 8.

This doesn’t happen very often these days, but it does happen sometimes. Pokemon GO appears to be having a widespread server outage, with tons of people on social media saying that they’re unable to login and spiking reports on Down Detector. Blame Team Rocket, if you must, but Niantic has acknowledged the issue and is working on a fix:

Hopefully, this will all be resolved fairly quickly, but we’ll keep you posted with updates as they happen. It’s a bit of a tricky time because the Kalos Celebration is just ending, and there are some new creatures that are probably going to become much rarer during the event. If people were planning on grabbing them before the clock run out, they’d be out of luck. I imagine we’ll get some kind of extension for it, but we’ll see what it means for the overall schedule.

I’ve been playing Pokemon GO much more since the recent update: I didn’t quite realize how much these little markers would get me playing more, like the addition of platinum medals or the ability to level past 40. I just sort of want them, even if they mean little for the gameplay, and I’m going to go ahead and get them. Embarking on a new generation of Pokemon never hurts, either.

I don’t think I’m alone in my recent acceleration of Pokemon GO. The game has made a ton of money thanks to both some smart adaptions early on in the pandemic and people’s gradual realization that walking around outside catching Pokemon is actually one of the safer activities you can do when the main threat is an airborne virus. It’s been great for me, giving me ways to entertain myself and get out of the house that don’t involve meeting up with people or going anywhere inside.


That’s once this thing is back up, however. Hopefully soon, but you never know.


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