As the series hits its 25th anniversary, players may want to know how the next Pokémon game will continue to change and grow on the Nintendo Switch.

Jan 17, 2021

This year marks 25th anniversary of the Pokémon series, and players are eager to see what developers have in store for the coming months. The Pokémon games have gone through many changes over the years, evolving from pixel-based graphics and link cables on the original Game Boy to fully rendered 3D and wireless internet connectivity on the Nintendo Switch. The year has already started with exciting news about the upcoming New Pokémon Snap, which will release April 30. However, many fans are interested in the next new mainline Pokémon game, which needs to better utilize the Nintendo Switch’s hardware.

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Currently, there are rumors about a potential remake for Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, which has been backed by supposed leakers online. However, there hasn’t been any confirmation from developers yet. While a remake of the Generation 4 games would be exciting, the real test for the Pokémon series will be how the next brand-new region is handled and how future mechanics make the most of the Nintendo Switch. Pokémon Sword and Shield brought changes to how players interact with the Pokémon games, like the addition of an open world-inspired Wild Area and DLC that expanded the main storyline, but they were also lacking in some areas. Still, Sword and Shield‘s upsides set a new precedent for what might be expected in Generation 9.

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The Pokémon series has an unfortunate record of erasing content that worked well in a previous games, consistently replacing it with something new in each generation of games. While adding new content is exactly what Pokémon games need to stay relevant, continuing to include older content like Pokémon Contests and Secret Bases would allow players who enjoyed those features to explore them in newer titles on a big screen. The Nintendo Switch has given Game Freak the ability to visualize the Pokémon world in a completely different way, and bringing back those beloved features to mingle with newer content on a home console could make the next generation stronger.

The next Pokémon region must mesh the mechanics that worked well in Sword and Shield with new ideas that utilize the abilities of the Nintendo Switch. Whether that is bigger Wild Areas or a completely open-world map, Den Raids that have different themes, more impressive graphics, or the inclusion of more mechanics that use the Joy-Con’s motions controls, developers need to continue to play with the abilities of the Nintendo Switch as a primary console for the main series.

While it is still unclear what players can expect from the Pokémon series this year, the excitement for…


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