Picking out a starting Pokemon can be a tough choice for some trainers. It depends on what a given trainer prioritizes. Is it a specific type? Does design play a big part in the selection? Should it be able to dish out strong attacks, or take a beating? Different trainers go for different things, and while that pretty much leaves anything open, Fire-type starters have always been a popular choice. Charizard has always been a big fan-favorite, and players from back in the day sometimes still gravitate towards the Fire-type choice as a result.

That’s right. Starting with Charmander in Gen 1, Fire-types have developed into a popular choice for trainers when starting out their adventure. There are some ridiculously strong ones out there, so it’s a given as to why they’re such a well-liked commodity. But not all Fire starter Pokemon are made equally. Some are weaker than others. This ranking just so happens to sort them out, and finally, answers which of them comes out as the best of the best.

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Updated January 4, 2022, By Jessica Filby: While you can only pick one fire starter Pokemon per game, everyone has their favorite adorable animal they love to prioritize. However, with the addition and better understanding of the lovely Scorbunny, the ranking is forced to change a little! Some fans have made the difficult decision to alter their favorites. So let’s see what the best fire starter Pokemon is capable of, as well as what each adorable creature can bring your game.

8 Tepig – Pignite – Emboar

Tepig isn’t going to scare you with its stats or appearance. The Unova starter looks like it would make a better stuffed doll than fighting partner. But things are different – at least in terms of appearance – once Emboar is brought into the picture.

One of several Fire Fighting starters, Emboar is the worst of the bunch. The bulk of its stat distribution was put into its HP and Attack stats. While it can deal a good amount of damage, it’s so slow and frail – that high HP doesn’t really offset its dismal defenses – that none of that ultimately matters.


7 Fennekin – Braixen – Delphox


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