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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are the newest Pokémon games on the block, and the first new mainline entry in the series since Pokémon Sword and Shield came out in November 2019. Scarlet and Violet will be out later this year — the 18th November, 2022, to be exact — and they’re both based around the Iberian Peninsula, so expect a lot of Spanish and Portuguese cultural references.

Here are all the new Pokémon we know about so far:

On this page:

  1. New Pokémon
  2. Returning Pokémon

New Pokémon


Sprigatito stats at a glance:

  • Category – Grass Cat Pokémon
  • Type – Grass
  • Height – 1’4″
  • Weight – 9lbs.
  • Ability – Overgrow

Sprigatito is a combination of “sprig” — like, uh, a plant — and “gatito”, the Spanish for “kitten” or “small cat”. He is a small cat, and he is grass-type. He’s 1’4″ tall, 9 lbs, and his ability is Overgrow. We also know that he is capable of photosynthesis, and he has a special move that “releases a sweet aroma” to make opponents lose their will to battle.


Fuecoco stats at a glance:

  • Category – Fire Croc Pokémon
  • Type – Fire
  • Height – 1’4″
  • Weight – 21.6lbs.
  • Ability – Blaze

Fuecoco is a tiny lad known as the “Fire Croc Pokémon”, and his name comes from the Spanish “fuego”, meaning fire, and “cocodrilo”, a crocodile. He’s supposed to look like a chili pepper, but we think he looks like an apple. He’s fire-type, obviously, 1’4″ tall, 21.6 lbs (he’s a heavy boy!) and he has the ability Blaze. His special move is the ability to absorb heat through his scales, and convert them into fire energy.


Quaxly stats at a glance:

  • Category – Duckling Pokémon
  • Type – Water
  • Height – 1’8″
  • Weight – 13.4lbs.
  • Ability – Torrent

Quaxly is the last of the three starter Pokémon. He’s the water-type Duckling Pokémon, the tallest of the three at 1’8″ tall, 13.4 lbs, and with the ability Torrent. His signature move is some kind of leg-related one, we suspect, as the official website states that “in battle, it kicks its opponents swiftly and repeatedly.”


Pawmi stats at a glance:

  • Category – Mouse Pokémon
  • Type – Electric
  • Height – 1′
  • Weight – 5.5lbs.
  • Ability – Static / Natural Cure

Pawmi is an electric-type Mouse Pokémon (sounds familiar) who stands at just 1 foot tall, and weighs a tiny 5.5 lbs. He’s one of the Pokémon used by your friend, Nemona, with the ability Static or Natural Cure. He can generate electricity by rubbing his cheeks, and we officially think that Game Freak…


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