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Pokemon Legends: Arceus feature new Pokemon evolutions and new Hisuian regional forms. Read more about all new Pokemon found in the Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ Hisui region below, including how to get every new Pokemon. Also make sure to check out the Pokedex (List of Pokemon) to see every Pokemon in Legends: Arceus and the new Starter Pokemon Evolutions, specifically.

See images of every new Pokemon in Legends: Arceus. SPOILER WARNING!


All New Pokemon in Legends: Arceus

List of New Pokemon in Legends: Arceus

More Spoilers Below!

There are more new Pokemon at the end of this page, but are extra spoilery. Proceed at your own risk.


Wyrdeer – Stantler Evolution

See How to Evolve Stantler into Wyrdeer to learn how to get Wyrdeer.
Wyrdeer is an evolution of the Normal-type Stantler, which isn’t known to evolve when found in the Johto region. It does evolve into the Normal- and Psychic-type Wyrdeer in the Hisui region after experiencing the harsh, cold conditions there. Wyrdeer generates immense psychic energy from the black orbs of its antlers, and it’s greatly revered by the Hisui people.

Basculin – White Striped Form


Basculin’s White-Striped Form is unique to the Hisui Region. You can catch it in Cobalt Coastlands and other areas in the water. Its appearance when it evolves depends on its gender.

Basculegion – Basculin Evolution

See [ How to Evolve Basculin into Basculegion]

Not all Basculin can make the journey upstream in Hisui, and when they perish, they possess a living schoolmate, causing it to evolve into the Water- and Ghost-type Basculegion. The souls of its fallen brethren empower this nearly 10-foot-long Big Fish Pokemon, allowing it to swim endlessly without tiring.

Kleavor – Scyther Evolution

See How to Evolve Scyther into Kleavor to learn how to get Kleavor in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

In the Hisui region, Scyther acquires the Rock-type in this special evolution. This Axe Pokemon has incredible slicing power, stands 5’11” tall, and weighs 196.2 pounds. It carves symbols into tree trunks or even chops them down to mark its territory. If you see crisscross patterns marked in trees, be on the lookout for Kleavor.


See How to Evolve Ursaring into Ursaluna to learn how to get Ursaluna.

Hisuian Sneasel

You can find the Poison- and Fighting-type Hisuian Sneasel in Coronet Highlands.


Evolve Hisuian Sneasel into Sneasler by giving it a Razor Claw during the day.

Hisuian Qwilfish

Find Hisuian Qwilfish in the Cobalt Coastlands.


To evolve Hisuian Qwilfish into Overqwil, you must use its signature move, Barb Barrage, 20 times in the strong style.

Legends: Arceus New Hisui Regional Forms

The following are new forms of existing Pokemon found only in Hisui.

Hisuian Voltorb

Catch Hisuian Voltorb at Coronet Highlands
Like the Electric- and Steel-type Voltorb from the Kanto Region, Hisuian Voltorb resemble the…


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