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Welcome to the IGN guide to the New Pokemon Snap August 2.0 update! Nintendo announced that Pokemon photographers should expect the game’s first significant content drop starting August 3, 2021. Here’s everything you need to know about the New Pokemon Snap 2.0 update, including all the new Pokemon, levels, and changes.

The New Pokemon Snap DLC is free, so anyone who has the base game should have access to the added fun.

See how to unlock the Secret Side Path in the video below.

How to Download Update

The New Pokemon Snap update is available to download starting August 3, 2021 at 9 PM EST. You should get a prompt to download the update once you connect your Nintendo Switch to wifi and start up the game.

List of New Pokemon

The New Pokemon Snap update introduces at least 20 new Pokemon. However, not all of them have been found yet. Eight Pokemon were confirmed before the update using clues from the update announcement trailer.

Watch gameplay of the new (Night) Routes below

Browse the full list of Pokemon included in the 2.0 August 2021 update below, with Blue being found in Secret Side Path, Green in Mightwide River, and Brown in Barren Badlands.


List of New Pokemon in the New Pokemon Snap Update:

List of New Levels

There have six more courses in New Pokemon Snap to cruise for new Pokemon and interactions. Photograph more of the expanding Lental Region in these areas:

How to Unlock the New Levels

See How to Unlock Florio Park Secret Side Path for more details. The other (Day) courses will unlock automatically as long as you are far enough in New Pokemon Snap, but the night courses won’t unlock until players reach Research Level 2 for their daytime counterparts. So River (Night) shouldn’t be available until the player achieves Research Level 2 for River (Day), and so on.

List of Changes

The New Pokemon Snap adds new titles, requests, and features in its recent content drop. These are all the changes, user interface or otherwise, included in the New Pokemon Snap update:

  • NEO-ONE Shrink Function – Players can shrink themselves and their vehicle to explore Florio Nature Park from a different perspective. Fly on Emolga’s back, bounce on the belly of a Snorlax, and more!
  • When retrying a level, you can choose which Research Level from that menu
  • If you quit a level, you can immediately return to camp without evaluating photos

From the official Nintendo Patch notes:

  • Search options for Other Players’ Photos have changed.
  • Other issues have also been addressed to improve the game-play experience.

This section will be updated with more changes found in the future.


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