Bug-type Pokémon are often seen as weak, fragile, and small. This reputation, while wholly untrue, is probably enforced by Bug-type Pokémon like Weedle, Caterpie, and other “Route 1 trash.” But, this reputation should not be taken seriously, as there are some fantastic Bug-types that many people won’t prepare for when heading into battle.

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The best of the best Bug-types hit hard, have access to great moves, and often come packaged with incredible abilities that ensure their quick victory. Bug-types are weak to Stealth Rock and Fire moves, which can be troublesome, but their ability to take down Psychic- and Dark-types. Here are some of the best Bug-type Pokémon to add to your team if you’re looking to explore this underrated type.

Updated by Michael Connor Smith on April 13th, 2020: Bug Pokémon have been a staple in the series since Red & Blue, but have also been unfortunately ignored by many players who write them off as “weak” or “not viable”. This may have been the case during the first few generations, but we now have plenty of powerful Bug-types to choose from in the 8th Pokémon generation.

This list was updated to include Pokémon from Sword & Shield, as well as to fill in some of the gaps where powerful Bug-type Pokémon could fit. While they may not be the dominating force in competitive Pokémon, there are plenty of different Bug-types for all types of trainers to battle with.


15/15 Araquanid

While Bug-type Pokémon are usually more fragile when compared to most other typings, Araquanid has some pretty stellar Special Defense at a base 132, and some decent HP and Defense to go along with it. Its attacking stats may seem like nothing special at first, but it has a hidden trick up its sleeve.

Its signature ability, Water Bubble, doubles the power of any Water-type moves it uses while also reducing Fire damage taken by half and nullifying burns. Its best suited as a support Pokémon with moves like Sticky Web, Magic Coat, or Toxic, but it can throw out a Hydro Pump or Lunge when needed.

14/15 Ribombee

Ribombee may look like anything but a threatening fighter, but it would be unwise to discount its usefulness. Speed is the only stat that it really has going for it, at a base 124, but this actually allows Ribombee to have some pretty useful support potential.

Aromatherapy, Sticky Web, Stun Spore, U-Turn, Quiver Dance, and Moonblast are going to…


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